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A notifications service

Site BulletN’s goal is to provide a simple UI and API to enable users to script notifications to their various devices, mobile and desktop, without the overhead of implementing applications for these platforms. It is still in the early stages of development and only supports web notifications at this time.


Windows Launcher

Source Bloop originated as a fork of Wox. Like Wox, it is a plugin-based launcher along the lines of Launchy.



Source | Download Netgun 0.0.4 Netgun is as a very simple barebones MongoDB UI. Currently (Or, if you’re reading this today way back in 2015) availible MongoDB UIs are all lacking in at least one of the following areas: Mongo 3.0 support, accepting connection strings in the standard format, replica set support. Netgun was created with the goal of providing these features in a basic package.

Sand Storm

Ludum Dare 34: Two Button Controls and/or Growing

Source | Game | Ludum Dare Entry This is another collaboration with Chris LaPointe. Sand Storm is a throwback to the falling sand games popular in the mid 00’s. We combined the mechanics of that genre with puzzle-platformer gameplay. I was pretty happy with this one, but it would’ve benifited from some more time for puzzle balancing.

Three Bags Full

Ludum Dare 33: You are the Monster

Source | Game | Ludum Dare Entry A narratively focused resource management game. I took a chance in joining up with a team I’d never worked with before at the last moment before the jam, and it came out very well. I continue to enjoy working in Unity, although working at a jam pace it’s flaws can get frustrating.

Evolution & Survival

Ludum Dare 31: Entire Game on One Screen

Source | Game | Ludum Dare Entry A game about protecting a herd of herbivores from hungry carnivores, with some evolution mechanics. Worked with Chris LaPointe on this one. Neither of us was thrilled by the theme, but it was a fun experiment with a JavaScript based game which isn’t something I’ve gotten into much before.


Ludum Dare 30: Connected Worlds

Source | Game | Ludum Dare Entry A top down space physics/puzzle game. The goal is to connect all the worlds to the network. This is my first attempt at a Unity game. Enjoyed the engine quite a bit and will probably use it in further Ludum Dares.